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HERbal Tea

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The HERbal tea is from the Femme for Her collection created just for the queen. Inspired by Dr. Sebi this blend  

Promotes healthy female productive organs

Can relieve PMS symptoms

Can prevent vaginal dryness, infections, & fibroids

Can ease menopause symptoms

May increase Respiratory Health (removes mucous from the whole system

May detox the body

Can help with PCOS

Contains 24 bags 

Bring 8 oz. of spring water to a boil.
Pour water into a cup and add a tea bag.
Steep for 5-8 minutes. The longer you
allow the herbs to steep the better.

Add in your choice of sweetener if desired.
Drink immediately. May also be prepared as
"iced tea". You may reuse your
tea bags up to two times.
Allow the bag to dry, place it in an
airtight container & refrigerate until next use.



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