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Healing Tea sampler

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This tea Sampler set includes calming and healing herbs 🌿

Nettle leaf
Hibiscus/ Elderberry
Chamomile/Dandelion -
Electric Herbal Blend- 

Contains 3 herbs with the highest iron content on the planet  

Our Dr. Sebi inspired blend contains Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, and Sarsaparilla; three herbs that are a powerful compound for the mind, body, and soul


This blend is helpful for:


under or overactive thyroid

iodine deficiencies

high blood pressure

any virus, dis-ease or illness

low energy

you consume processed foods, sugars, meat, and dairy 

•substance abuse withdrawals 


•skin irritation


•skin illnesses (dermatitis,eczema psoriasis)

Set includes 20 bags. 5 of each herbal blend