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Simple organic ingredients made with wild crafted sea moss

Includes one of each drink. 


Mango- Spring water, frozen organic mangoes , Agave, Wild Crafted Sea moss, and key lime

Mango Strawberry - Spring water, frozen organic mangoes, frozen organic strawberries, wild crafted sea moss and agave 

 Elderberry Punch- Spring water, wild crafted elderberries, organic strawberries, organic, blueberries, organic, raspberries, organic blackberries, wild crafted sea moss and agave 

Sea moss

contains 92 of the 102 East will me arils bodies need

Strengthens the immune system

Improves thyroid health and libido

Boost energy levels

Reduces inflammation throughout the body Relieves bloating and cramping removes toxins and metals from the body

Regulates cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Drinks arw shipped frozen.