A healthy gut=better absorption of essential nutrients

A healthy gut=better absorption of essential nutrients

Our gut is the root of everything, from the physical, to the mental and even spiritual aspects of our bodies.

Have you ever heard of micronutrient malnutrition? It is also called "hidden hungry". It is now a global concern.

It is reported by WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) that 2 billion people worldwide suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deficiencies in the critical micronutrients: calciferol, retinol, iron, iodine, and zinc are becoming more common. 

In the past, malnourishment was linked to lower incomes and food insecurities but is now actually an issue within higher income not eating enough of the right things. 

" One of the main causes of poor gut health is the build-up of toxins and harmful bacteria"

Most nutrients are absorbed in the gut. Digestion breaks down food into tiny pieces using a variety of enzymes. When the gut is out of balance, it reduces nutrient availability which leads to nutrient deficiencies and many other health problems.

One of the main causes of poor gut health is the build-up of toxins and harmful bacteria. This is typically the result of poor diet, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins. Accumulated toxins and harmful bacteria damage the gut lining and interfere with absorption.

Good bacteria plays a role in nutrient absorption. They help to break down food, protects the gut lining and enhances the absorption of minerals.

There are a number of nutrients that are only absorbed in the gut, and they play an important role in maintaining good health.

Some of the most important nutrients absorbed in the gut include:

Magnesium: Essential for energy production, stress regulation, and immune function.

Iron: Essential for the transport of oxygen around the body and energy production.

Calcium: Critical for strong bones and teeth, plus blood pressure regulation.

Calciferol: Essential for the absorption of calcium and proper immune function.

Cobalamin: Supports red blood cell formation and a healthy nervous system.

Folate: Essential for red blood cell formation and a healthy nervous system.

Retinol: Promotes night vision and helps maintain healthy skin and soft tissues.

Phylloquinone: Supports blood clotting, building healthy bones, and metabolism.

Menaquinone: Biosynthetic role and carries electrons needed for energy production.

Tocotrienols: Enhance natural cardio-protective and neuro-protective mechanisms. 

Removing toxins in the gut will drastically improve the health of your gut. Better gut means better absorption of nutrients, more metabolic nutrients, and reduction of inflammation.

When our gut is not working correctly nutrients can not reach their intended destination. That is why whenever someone is constipated substances can’t move freely through the gut.

Without the correct nutrition, the body cannot function: this is why people feel happier and more energized after they cleanse/ detox.

When you cleanse your gut you will have:

Improved overall health and well-being.

Reduced risk of nutrient deficiencies.

Reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Improved mental health.

Reduced inflammation.

Improved digestion.

Boosted immunity.

Balanced moods and Increased libido.

Cleanse/ detox for a healthy gut and all around health and increase your mineral intake.