Good vibes Set

Good vibes Set

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Clear your energy and manifest what you desire  

Kit includes 

•1 Affirmation candle

•1 Sage smudge stick 

• 1 Planto Santo stick

Candle weight 5 oz

These candles are slow burning and contain natural soy wax; phthalate-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free fragrances; 100% cotton wick.
All components are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Burn time is 30+ hours 

Candle Fragrances: 

I AM GRATEFUL- Orange Peaches- Bright, fruity and fresh summery  scent.

BUSY MANIFESTING- Peach Hibiscus- Indulging, sweet escape, soft and energizing scent  

FREE MY MIND- Lavender Sage-calming apothecary, spa, and refreshing scent 

GVO -Coco Breeze- Relaxing Oasis, creamy beach scent 


*Natural soy wax candles may demonstrate frosting or variations in color which do not affect their quality or burn.